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August 27th, 2009, reporting from Trento, Italy
The Hajji awoke this morn to a car-and-bicycle accident mere meters from her berth. The crew is slim now, the slimmest its ever been. Curdling in their sweat, Marcus Ren and Ben, the heart of the Hajji, beating salty brine through their pores arose to the sights of tragedy. Luckily the worst of the crash seemed to be the twisted iron frame of a bicycle that wasnt ours. Sigh and Relief, under the Hajjis careful gaze people need not fear injury.

We are in the beautiful town of Trento, nestled in the quiet surrounds of the Italian Alps, living in the streets as was before. Although our adventures havnt been thoroughly updated since Istanbul, we wanted to let everyone know that everything is going well and life is as good as ever. A write-up of our journey from Turkey to Sziget festival (via Bulgaria and Romania) has been commissioned from the ever-exhuberant Sean Foget, and we wait until such is so. Then we write Vienna....Slovenia...and our brief sojourn in Italy.

The details of our path are laborous, and will be tended to in due time, but today is today and today we are in Trento. We popped into Italy to drop off the lovely Brett Lorier in his new home of Bologna. Marcus and Ren in the Hajji....Ben Brett and Conrad found a small and well shaded apartment garden to sleep in. Splish splash, we soon realized why the garden was so lush as we awoke to a thorough sprinkler shower at 5am. Escape! The escapde continued at around 10am, when 2 well dressed police officers woke up Ben from his bedside on the ground beside the Hajji. Coincidentally, Cousy arose in the sweaty bowels of said van, and, after rubbing the sleep from his yeux, and adjusting to the morning sun of Bologna, his first sight of the day was of the auto di polizia circling like Adriatic sharks. "Documento!" they preached, being extremely polite and gentle in manner. We showed them our passports, and documents for the car and assured them we were legal travellers just enjoying the beauties of their country. The one officer, the speaker of the two, very much enjoyed Marcus's passport which is decorated with visas from a gaggle of Asian countries. "I know a very nice place for you to visit, 40km from here in Ferrara there is an International Street Buskers Festival, it is a world phenomenon, I think you would like it very much" he said with a smile on his face. Tipping his hat, he wished us the best of luck and went on his way.

So we went! The festival was incredible, with musicians lining the street throughout the night. A man even bought me a pizza while I played coke-bottle drums in the middle of the street. The crowd was mostly middle aged families, and much to our surprise not very many people were DANCING. So we DANCED, and the buskers LOVED it...obviously. Amazing indeed! Here is a video....oops the video isnt working...ooh it is working! Here are two videos from the festival in Trento...

Ben and Cous dancing with an older, smaller Italian woman on the streets of Ferrara, Italy at the International Street Buskers Festival

Ben and Cous Dancing to the Beatles in Front of a Crowd of Many, again in Ferrara, Italy

Here are some other videos because we have some time to upload them!! First up, a video of Ren doing a backdive into the beautiful Lake Bled in NW Slovenia. It was a very nice place...and so were Rens backdives...

Ren Doing a 10/10 Backdive at Pristine Lake Bled, Slovenia

Also, to give a little insight into the insanity of Sziget, here is a video of us dancing to Fatboy Slim at the main-stage...I think it was the 2nd night...maybe the 3rd night...there were many a nights......

Some of the Hajji Crew (Daniel, Isa, Neala, Derry, Ben, Brett, Morgan and Ren) Dancing Like Maniacs to Fatboy Slim Amongst a Crowd of Many Thousand at Sziget Festival, Hungary

Keep reading and commenting! And subscribe as well so we can know who is reading! We miss you guys all and cant wait to see you again.
Love with the fire of a thousand suns....

Posted by rencous 03:47

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How will you ever return to a life of dull routine?? You are all such free spirits... The video clips are such sweet moments for those of us who aren't with you. I'm watching them over and over again!

by Mama

So sad to be missing out on Italian adventures.
We all wait with baited breath for the arrival of you 3 glorious creatures in Vancouver

by Neal

Beautiful dive sweetie...I am so there with you.
Keep diving and dancing
Love the videos

by kwatson

Heavenly newsletter! I love it love it love it love you benny and ren and marcus tooooo. I have been to Ferrara 6 years ago!!! Wonderful wulnderful fairytale:)
Sounds good with Vancouver. I will start saving up some gold soooon. I'm taking my driving license finally, starting to write my thesis and busybusy. tonight I went to an outdoor cinema in a parc. you would have loved it Benny! End August in Copenhagen is amazing! Moms garden is full of flowers. Earlier today I lost some energy, but I think it came back. Skype soon my friend.
Much love, mille bacioni and enjoy wonderful italian food:) AW!

by Nina the Danish buttercake

Looks like Ben needs some dancing lessons.......Al thinks you are swinging your hips too much.......

by Keepers of Capone

nice moves boys and girls. i do however think your dance routine would have drawn a much bigger and enthusiastic crowd if you had busted out the vage suit benny... facelicks xx

by caro

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