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Some more videos because you love videos!

First of all, looking back, Neala has published her BEAUTIFUL photos and here is a link to her ones of Istanbul.
Look to the Bulgaria and Romania post to see links of her pictures from there....

Also...here are some current videos! Videos are great! We love videos!
After Italy the Hajji continued to Slovenia en route to its second Balkan adventure. We are now headed south through Croatia and Bosnia into Montenegro and Albania, where the Hajji will take to the water and cross to Italy.

The videos are good for showing the LIFE of the Hajji so here are a couple.....
Ever since the Hajji disasterexplosionfiasco there has been trouble with the Hajji. Nothing too serious, but each morning (only the first start of the day) the Hajji takes a LONG time to start and sings a song to us. The song goes like this...buh buh boouunce buh buh booune buh buh booounce buh buh boounce buh buh boounce). Without fail, she starts everytime (as long as we havent drained the battery) but it takes A WHILE of suspended beating hearts hoping for her to start
Here is a video we caught of her doing just this (in the forest in Slovenia a few nights ago)....

UPDATE: The Hajji DIED yesterday in Bosnia and we took her to a mechanic. The culprit of this problem was the SPARKPLUG which we have now replaced, as well as a fixed muffler (which was noisy!!), a fixed shifter (which was broken by the mechanics washboy while getting us to him) and a general tune-up/oilcheck/maintenance routine all for the pretty price of 20euros (and 30euros parts)!!! The Hajji lives on! Luckily we caught this video before the fix up because now she starts immediately and her ability to sing this sweet song is GONE!

And here is a video that Rain took of the Hajji entering Croatia just a few days ago....Life is good to say the least....

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Many can do a 'rain dance', some can do a 'medicine dance', but only MY SON can do a 'start the Hajii dance, complete with sound effects, smoke and background cheering....Well done, Ben!

by keeker of capone

You crazy guys... I love the videos best of all!

by Mama

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