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Echoes of the Past pt. 1

Living in the future and singing in the past

A satellite blogger, I sit afar,
A dream of the time I lived in Acar
Calgary is cold and covered in snow,
Oh where oh where did my sweet Hajji go

I promised the sweet saints of names unknown that I'd help them, and help them I will. The blog thrives on the spirit of the past, and to come back to the place I once was, is a vacation in itself. Since leaving the Hajji nearly a month ago, I've spent a sentimental week in Holland, a childish frolick around the coast of BC, and now I'm back where I belong, in my parents basement. I still hear whispers in my sleep. I sometimes feel lost in my own home. Surrounded by friends and family dearest to me, I drift in and out of focus and space. Who am I? Never mind, enough about me; this is about vodka and pickles for breakfast. Back in Canada I'm going to finish off my travels in the Hajji and help Marcus and Ren keep this blog semi-current!

As the blessed ones continued to travel the land,
Those touched by the Hajji can lend our hand,
Speak words of late about times so great,
Traveling placidly amidst the haste

Lets step back to where the scribe last dipped his quill and return to Bosnia....

Boo and Cous sitting in front of Mostar Bridge

It would be fitting to delve into some of the torrid history of Bosnia at this point, but time doesn't allow it. Mostar is one sitting center in this tragedy, and as we fled from misfortune which pales in comparison, we took refuge here. Learning the danger of leaving Hajji unattended, we ensured that she was under the secure gaze of security at all times. It's at times like this that you need the comfort of your friends, and lucky for us we had one on a beautiful island just hours away. Leaving behind the memories of Bosnia i Herzegovina which will be with us for the rest of our life, we crossed the boundary which separated the Hajji from comfort and calamity, and returned to the paradise of Croatia. On to the port town of Split....

Cous and Rain sitting in the ruins of Split

We stopped for a night in this beautiful bustling town before hopping on the ferry and heading to see our friend Dora (who we had met at Exit Festival some months ago) where she was operating a hostel she and some business partners had started that season - the Shangri Lah. After a short ferry ride (the first time Hajji went on the water!!!) we arrived on Brac island where we would spend a couple days of rest and relaxation. With free internet, beds, showers, friends, festivity, this was a welcome stop after the trouble last week we had.

Fooling around before getting on the ferry

Cous sitting at the top of the mountains on Brac Island

Benny doing some space snorkeling

Dora! Our fabulous, frisky, and fantastic host on Brac Island - All those who visit Croatia, visit the Shangri Lah!

Croatia is sort of paradise - Cousy swimming at the cliffs

If anyone picks up a copy of Lonely Planets - Western Balkans guide, this is the cover shot! Taken by the one and only Lauren Elliot! Gasp!

The boys partying at the Shangri Lah Hostel - Brac Island

An island surrounded a warm water is home
A lifestyle which can't be described by a poem
Day in and day out, meeting all the smiles we could
We quickly learned that everywhere you go, people are good

After the sojourn on the island, the Hajji once again crossed the sea back to mainland and prepared for its last leg south for a little while. With Ben's flight (Italy - Holland) just a week away we had two last gems to discover, and what gems they turned out to be. We breezed through the tourist haven of Dubrovnik (another interesting city to read up on!), and continued south towards the border.

The gang just outside of Dubrovnik

The beautiful old town of Dubrovnik

We had scampered through not even one country since our last window smashing, and sour-fortune plagued us again! Cruising down the beautiful coastal roads of Croatia suddenly there was a crack and a crash, the back-window of the Hajji was shattered! We thought we had again befallen the ill gaze of a sniper, but it turned out to be far more innocent with the pedals of our Dutch bicycles having decided to crash the window (after over 20,000km riding there.....). We applied some ducktape and continued....on to Montenegro, first stop - Kotor!

The smashed back window due to evil Voodoo bicycle witchcraft

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Ah Benny - I can hear the wistful tone in your account. Memories of glories past to keep you going through the cold winter months in Calgary...

by Mama

Wonderful tales on a cold Copenhagen morning makes me dream of voyages:) I miss you

by NIna

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