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Friends of the Hajji - Clive Hammond and the Nuthing Wong

Getting My North On

"God Created the World but the Dutch Created the Netherlands"

The past month I've been running away from Utrecht every weekend in the womb of the Hajji to check out some places up north, as my time is rapidly dwindling here. Here where she has been going....

To start...last year in Maastricht I was biking across the bridge one day and I noticed a very dangerous looking ship docked near the Mississippi Coffeeshop. To my delight there was a Canadian flag hanging on the back of this boat! Oh my delight! I was naturally curious and affectionate, and over a year later I am thankful I was. Clive Hammond, born in South Africa but holding a Canadian passport, built a Chinese Junk named the Nuthin Wong in Victoria B.C. over 20 years ago.
Clive doing repairs on the mast

Nuthin Wong anchored in Enkhuizen

Since then he has been sailing the world non-stop. Awesome right? Here is his blog, although very out of date

When I met him we cruised up the canals of the Netherlands towards Amsterdam, where he has spent the last winter doing repairs, selling his book (which is a good read!) and spreading the word about his next journey. Now the repairs are finished and they are putting the last touches on the Nuthin Wong before setting out on a 3-year journey that will take them north through Scandinavia, Scotland and the U.K., eventually across the ocean, through the Panama canal, and up back to Victoria. Given my northern location now, its a perfect spot to hop up to the Nuthin Wong. I've done so twice in the last month to help with repairs and revel in revelry.
Sexy New Canadian Flag Painted on the Deck

The first time the boat was anchored in the historic port town of Hoorn, just north of Amsterdam. We drank and sang. Its a side of Netherlands you will never see in the major cities, and given the long nautical history which surrounds the Dutch I am happy to have tapped into it. Hoorn is definately one of the coolest towns I've seen in Holland. The ship was anchored off the harbor (it costs money to stay in the harbor) which meant we had to row into the town for any shopping, drinking, or dancing we wanted to do. I was happy to help
Ben rowing into Hoorn
Here is a link to a full album of photos from this journey

The second time I brought my Kiwi friend Brett with me. This time the boat was further north in the town of Enkhuizen, which was cool but not as nice as Hoorn I thought. Driving to Enkhuizen you get to drive over a 30km dam. If you ever have time to sit down with a map of Holland and see how much of the country was created by damming off massive areas of water, its really remarkable. Driving over the dam you are on a two lane road and have water on both sides. At night its windy and kind of scary to drive, but Brett whispered calm reassurances in my ear.
Dam from Lelystad to Enkhuizen

Arrival in Enkhuizen!

Brett up the Mast

Front Flipping In the Ijsselmeer

Another great weekend full of adventure!

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I sailed with Crazy Cpt Clive many years ago - once from Thailand to Malaysia, and once off the coast of Africa. Any idea where he is now? Is his book available? Would be interested to see it!

by Karen

Hello, we met Clive two days ago in the Belgian port of Oostende. He has some engine problems, but not too bad. Will fix it this week. He wants later to go south and west, may be to Cuba. We bought his book, I started reading it this night. But my alarmclock brought me back to reality. It was 05:25 hours...

by Dirk V.C. (Belgium)

Met Clive on board of the " Mercator " . He's in good mood. Left Ostend yesterday and anchored for the night of Dunkerque . W'll cross over to U.K. to find him a place to winter on the south-coast .

by philippe vanthournout

I was one of the poor dumb f*cks who put his whole life savings ($18,000) into Clives boat back in 89 and several other people as well . We paid for the construction of that boat and sweat and toil I lived on it for 6 wks working for free, took my daughter out of school gave up my house to sail off into the sunset and realized we were far from ready to sail and heard Clive had sunk a boat off Australia and was a drug smuggler. So we got off the boat destitute broke nowhere to live no money left , he ruined two years of my life stressing and fretting over this whole thing. And this is the first Iv'e heard of him in 20 yrs. He's never made an attempt to contact me about the money he owes he just sails away on his responsibilities. He's all yo ho ho and a bottle of rum nothing but a drunken vagabond theif. I'm in an indrustry now that has a network of contacts worldwide . I'll have someone watching in Panama Acapulco Vallarta LA I'll get alerted to his whereabouts I've been wanting revenge for 20 yrs, that boat is going to visit Davie Jones Locker.

by benttrent

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